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Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Gallagher McIntyre is a team of talented and highly motivated insurance professionals committed to providing quality services to our global client base.

Our greatest asset is our people. Our experienced group of professionals work in a true “team environment” where each member plays a vital, interdependent role in delivering performance-driven service. Communication between team members and open information sharing foster collaboration and accountability. This in turn creates innovation, achievement and efficiencies not found in staid brokerages or agencies. Each team member is individually and collectively delivering exemplary performance, “snap back” customer service and overall results that exceed client expectations.

We have developed a process-oriented approach to risk management that draws accolades from our clients who value our commitment to their objectives, earning many successful long-term business relationships. Our business model anticipates and plans for controlled growth to maintain our standards. We will grow and add staff as our client roster expands but will always be mindful of providing all our clients with the same exceptional service that has been the foundation of our business.  At Gallagher McIntyre it all comes down to service and expertise.

We are driven to deliver the best client service in the business. We accomplish that by assembling a team of professionals that have experience both inside and outside of the insurance industry. Their proven track records allow them to clearly understand our clients’ businesses and needs, creating and adding value throughout our processes.

“You have one of the most exciting teams of people I have ever had the privilege of working with. You are truly blessed with talent!!!”

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Coatesville, PA
John Rock, Inc.

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