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Claim Reporting

In addition to having access to more than 25 proprietary claims management systems offered by our insurance carrier partners, Gallagher McIntyre provides a 24/7 Claim Reporting Hotline and a dedicated claims team to promptly assist you with claim reporting and claim handling recommendations.

Emergency procedures are in place in the event that a claim occurs after hours or on a weekend. Simply call Gallagher McIntyre’s toll-free number at 866.565.7111 and our after-hours service will contact your dedicated claims consultant or another member of the claims team. We will immediately advise you of the critical steps to take to properly handle and mitigate your loss.

We will assist you in notifying the insurance company of the claim and if necessary, involve an appropriate expert to document the facts and preserve evidence at the scene. Gallagher McIntyre Claims Services Department has established relationships with experts who are available countrywide 24 hours a day in the following areas:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Cause and Origin Specialists
  • Legal Defense Counsel to Protect the Discovery of Important Facts
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Media Relations
  • Damage Restoration Experts

Claim Results

We Are Able To Achieve Dramatic Results for You by:

  1. Maximizing coverage
  2. Aggressively managing claims and litigation
  3. Appropriately reserving and resolving claims on a timely basis
  4. Effective and proactive communication
  5. Risk reduction through risk transfer efforts, development and implementation of managed care programs, safety training and loss trending

“Our Claims Consultant is the face of your group and has represented your company in an outstanding manner. She is always available to assist us regardless of the situation and she has proven herself to be a knowledgeable and insightful person in her field.”

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