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Triple A-Rated Guarantee

Our claims teams evaluate the nature of the claim from the moment we know of its happening, and we support you from the outset. If a significant claim occurs, we have ready a team of qualified independent examiners who can get there fast – preserving valuable evidence for defense or cause and origin purposes. With facts in hand, our teams evaluate coverage issues before and after the insurance company adjusters do, and work relentlessly on your behalf.

Gallagher McIntyre does the “nitty gritty” work of following up on minor items that, if left undone, could become large issues. We represent your position with claims representatives, people who we know well from our work on the insurer’s side. We can help develop strategies to negotiate settlements and lessen your liability, or get you more when the claim is for your property. We have access to on-line claims systems, frequently including adjuster’s notes, enabling us to provide you with updated detail instantly during the life of the claim.

Our claims teams work to keep you aware of emerging claims issues through monthly newsletters and routine communications. We work diligently with safety and loss control personnel to help you understand, interpret and comply (where prudent) with recommendations. We assist your management by following up on outstanding recommendations in the field and provide alternatives when and where practical and safe.

“Your team is unbelievably efficient! It’s like having our own insurance department.”

Vice President, Finance
National Disaster Recovery Company
Headquartered in North Carolina
Agility Recovery Solutions

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