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In partnership with our carriers and business associates, we utilize our state-of-the-art training facility to provide value added training for our customers and our employees focused on various Risk Management topics including (but not limited to) Disaster Recovery Planning, OSHA Certification, DOT regulations, accident investigations, managed care, return to work, etc.

These sessions supply a value added service to our clients while providing our employees with additional training that enhances their already robust product knowledge so they can continue to provide exceptional service to our clients.

The following is a sample of the value added training courses we have provided our employees and clients:

Evaluating Insurance Related Provisions of Contracts

This course focused on the elements of a legal contract and the basics of legal theory. It included a discussion on indemnification agreements along with hold harmless requirements and the need for such. The session covered a broad discussion of insurance requirements between parties entering into a contract and use of additional insured status. The course included a review of waivers of subrogation and why this provision is necessary, especially with construction risks. The session concluded with a talk about specific provisions related to leases. (CE Approved)

Crime Insurance, Principles of D&O, Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Fiduciary Liability Exposure and Insurance

Travelers hosted several classes in our facility focusing on the following topics: (CE approved)

Crime Insurance: This course stressed the importance of crime Insurance for businesses and organizations. There was discussion on standard crime insuring agreements, including ERISA. The session included reviewing the standard insuring agreements, policy enhancements, underwriting factors and additional crime related coverage (ID Fraud, Third Party Crime Coverage).

Principles of D&O: This course reviewed what Directors and Officers liability coverage is and how it benefits private and non-profit companies. The course reviewed the legal history, the responsibilities of directors and officers, claim examples and the coverages that are generally provided in a basic policy. There was an overview on public versus private Directors and Officers Insurance, the nuances specific to each, and recent developments in D&O coverage.

Fiduciary Liability Exposure and Insurance: This course covered the history of employment practices and the law with regards to employment practices. There was discussion on claim trends and special issues and what and who is covered. The session concluded with the topic of how claims are handled and the risk management services available.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance/Boiler 101 Class presented by Travelers Insurance Company

A seasoned Travelers Insurance representative reviewed all aspects of Equipment Breakdown Insurance including what it is, what it covers, and the direct and indirect damages that are addressed by this type of insurance coverage. (CE approved)

Contracts & Insurance

Topics covered included a discussion of limited, intermediate, and broad-form hold harmless agreements and insurance requirements that included among other items additional insured nuances and waivers of subrogation.  Outside counsel also added insight to the class. (CE approved)

Business Interruption Insurance

This seminar is conducted by ISOP and is open to the insurance public. It is designed to sharpen the understanding of and ability to address an insured’s business interruption exposures and the risk management of those exposures. Those attending learn what coinsurance to use and how to quantify the business interruption exposure. This workshop is designed to familiarize participants with the business exposures, coverages and forms necessary to appropriately assess and process business interruption policies. Topics covered include Business Exposures & Coverage Forms, How to Set Limits and Optional Coverages. (CE approved)

Employment Practices Liability

This course was hosted by CNA and it provided an introduction to both the legal liability exposures that give rise to employment-related claims, as well as the insurance policies that have been developed to cover these liabilities.

Topics included:

  • Workplace demographic and organizational “megatrends” and how such developments have created a myriad of liability exposures for employers
  • Federal employment laws and how these statutes have produced a host of liability exposures for employers
  • Process by which Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage is underwritten
  • How such coverage must be coordinated with other related policies (e.g., Directors & Officers Liability Insurance), and an analysis of methods to prevent and minimize the frequency and severity of Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claims
  • Analysis of organizations, persons, acts and types of damages to which EPLI policies apply
  • Examination of the claims management provisions, limits, deductibles and coinsurance provisions found within the policies
  • Analysis of the exclusions and claims-made coverage triggers found in EPLI policies

(CE approved)

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

This seminar provided employees with the history and coverage available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Standard Flood Insurance Policy was reviewed to gain a clear understanding of what coverage is provided. At this seminar a statistical expert from the NFIP provided an explanation of current rules. (CE approved)

AIC 33 – Claim Handling Principles & Practices

The course covered the basics of the claim process including investigation, fraud detection, good faith claim handling, ethics, negotiation skills and litigation management. (CE approved)

OSHA Training Certification

The McIntyre Group sponsored a two day training program for its clients. A Loss Control Specialist from SeaBright Insurance Company led the training. The course focused on an Introduction to OSHA, Hazard Detection, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Material Handling, Evacuation Safety, Work Zone Safety, Tool and Equipment Safety, Confined Space, Personal Protective Equipment and Welding Safety. Those that attended and completed the course received an OSHA 10 hour Construction Safety & Health certification.

PA/DE Workers Compensation Workshop

This in-house workshop provided The McIntyre Group teams with a skill sharpening session.  An opportunity to hear an experienced veteran and senior Staff Member from the PA and Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB/DCRB) provide an informative discourse on recent changes in PA and DE Workers Compensation.

The speaker and the team volleyed questions and answers on topics including Workers Compensation Classification protocols, Anniversary Rating Dates, Experience Rating Plan Credibility Changes, Loss Limits, Swing factors and “Double” Swing Factors. Additional review of combinations of entities and changes in ownership following Merger & Acquisition activity and the resultant effect on Workers Compensation Coverage was also included. This internal training program was approved for 3 CE credits for PA Resident Producers.

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training

This training was conducted by CNA and was open to all Gallagher McIntyre clients and prospects. It was targeted to Safety Directors, Risk Managers and Supervisors and employees with safety and health responsibilities. This seminar introduced OSHA policies, procedures and standards as well as general industry safety and health principles covered in OSHA Act Par 1910. Special emphasis was placed on areas most hazardous using OSHA standards as a guide.

After our clients and prospects attended this training, they took with them the following:

  • A general understanding of the OSHA Act and the functions of OSHA
  • Knowledge on the procedures and priorities of an OSHA Compliance Inspection
  • Understanding of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSHA Act
  • The skills and knowledge to control and eliminate hazards in the workplace
  • A proactive safety attitude

Upon successful completion of the course, participants received an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Outreach DOL course completion certificate.

Planning, Insurance and Recovery Following a Disaster

Gallagher McIntyre co-hosted an interactive multimedia workshop with Agility Recovery Solutions. President/CEO of Agility Recovery Solutions and several senior members of their staff supplemented an “Insurance only funds Recovery” discussion led by Anthony Tomassetti, VP of Technical Operations. The session included a presentation by the Vice President of Professional Services at Agility Recovery Solutions who explained “how to” develop a Business Continuity or Recovery Plan, reviewing unforeseen barriers that would have limited or prevented recoveries in several real life examples. He affirmed that recovery is not a natural outcome, but a premeditated deliberate activity. He explained why many businesses look back in amazement at just how vulnerable they were before they had a plan.

Our audience included CEO’s, CFO’s and Risk Managers who learned how they could become better prepared to continue “Business as Usual” following the unexpected loss of operations or facilities. Audience members were invited to participate creating an interactive session helping them in their various stages of readiness. Gallagher McIntyre shared portions if its own plan to initiate a collaborative discussion.

“Thank you again for your impeccable customer service.  I am so appreciative of your guidance and help.  You guys are awesome!!”

Safety Manager
Non Profit Human Services Organization
Goodwill of South Jersey & PA

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