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6 Step Process

Our Risk Management Program is conducted in a Six-Step Process. The established “Team Leader” is assisted by a second Marketing Executive, an Account Executive, and a Claims Consultant. This structure provides you with a single point of contact, establishes shared accountabilities and generates long-lasting relationships between you and our employees.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 1


The McIntyre Group provides you with a recommended list of business objectives that we believe will help you determine the best insurance solution. The agreement outlines information required as well as the estimated time commitment for the team to successfully implement a risk management program.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 2


During this step, exposure identification, the most critical step in the Risk Management Process occurs. The McIntyre Group team examines the extensive information requested and received and makes assessments of potential exposures threatening your business. Detailed discovery and analysis is performed along with investigative, interactive site surveys, and interviews with financial, operational, human resources, and other personnel.

This information is filtered, organized, and presented in a detailed underwriting submission that showcases your business factually to the underwriting community. The analysis influences the initial drafting of the Risk Management Program.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 3


The McIntyre Group then conducts a thorough analysis of your claim history to determine the potential for self-insured retentions and deductibles. This analysis also assists in the process of determining the focus of loss control and other risk management strategies. We believe every loss array tells a story, and we make sure we know the ending.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 4


The McIntyre Group then conducts a detailed review of all its findings and submission data. This is, in effect, a full audit of your risk exposure prior to the preparation of the final plan design. Our Technical Risk Analysis provides an objective and factual analysis of the exposures we identified and how these exposures could be better addressed.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 5


Upon conclusion of the audit process, your McIntyre Group Team will present a comprehensive plan to better manage your current risk exposure. The plan will also include proactive recommendations on how to assess higher risk areas in advance.

The McIntyre Group: Six Step Process - Step 6


Following a review and discussion on The McIntyre Group’s plan design, a detailed proposal of specific services and costs are presented for consideration. Plan implementation and communication to relevant personnel, suppliers or vendors is provided. Our team rolls out claims management planning and guidance systems to prepare your personnel for an unusually supportive claims advocacy.

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