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As the longest sustained “soft” insurance market wanes, there is a lot of interest being generated about the Captive Insurance Market. Many insurance buyers will naturally ask the question – Is it time to consider a Captive? If you’re of that mindset – Just ask us!

Gallagher McIntyre has relationships with several Captives. These include several Group Captives, Rent-a-Captives, segregate Cells and other “Alternative Risk Facilities*”. One unique Group Captive does not use the typical “A” and “B” Fund (and sometimes “C” Fund) approach, and limits the collateral requirements for smaller businesses. To learn more about these unique risk-sharing programs, or other alternatives to traditional insurance, we welcome a chance to meet, to objectively answer your questions. There may be merit in evaluating these alternatives in earnest. That focus is imperative, as an analytical review of your loss experience in conjunction with your risk appetite is an important step to make sure you understand the risks before you accept the accompanying responsibilities.

Gallagher McIntyre supports the consideration of a captive given the right set of circumstances. The right set of circumstances revolves around:

  • LOSSES: Your Claims History for the lines of business under consideration – What are your Expected losses?
  • ACCESS TO CREDIT: Your ability to provide collateral either in the form of cash or Letters of Credit;
  • CONTROLS IN PLACE: Your Loss Prevention and Controls that eliminate or reduce those losses that do occur; and
  • YOUR APPETITE FOR RISKS: No one should risk a dollar to save a dime. But if the reverse is true…

Captives can indeed present an opportunity for savings and you can gain additional control over a portion of your costs. Still, a Captive is not necessarily a quick and easy way to save money. Funds invested in a Captive generally remain at risk and may be tied up for years until a plan year is closed. As a long term investment decision, forming or joining a Captive is a way to take control over your future insurance costs in exchange for the assumption of risks and some additional responsibilities.

Along with proactive risk management strategies and active and effective claims management, Captives can be a way to develop cash reserves that fund future liabilities and earn interest. Captive participants eventually recoup underwriting profits when plan years close out. We believe that a key focus must be on the management of risk and strong claims advocacy for those losses that do occur.

Please contact your Gallagher McIntyre representative if you’d like to discuss Captives at any time. We will gladly set up a separate meeting to address your questions in a private audience that allows you to ask any “What IF…?” question. You’ll have the benefit of an attentive and experienced audience that will explain the possible gains and the risks involved. When possible we will speak to your specific risks and your loss experience, the primary determinant of the costs associated.

*Examples include self insurance, finite risk, or single parent captives….

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