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Knowing what you are buying, especially when acquiring a business, requires acumen and express attention to detail

Executives making these decisions must investigate a target, business or organization thoroughly to assure the value to their organization. While this process usually entails a review by lawyers, accountants, investors and other professionals, it should also involve your insurance and risk management professionals.

During the initial stages, Gallagher McIntyre can evaluate how the acquisition may impact currently placed property and casualty insurances, experience modifiers and other metrics based on available information. Because most purchase agreements require you to assume some of the liabilities of the entity you are acquiring, a thorough and deliberate analysis of insurance and risk management related issues is vital. These liabilities materially affect the costs of an acquisition and can be central to negotiations. If the purchase proceeds, we can become a specialized member of your Due Diligence Team, focusing on the insurance and risk management related aspects that will surface.

Our principal duties in performing PRE-Acquisition Insurance and Risk Management Analysis include:

  • Evaluating exposures of the target being acquired and their treatment under existing and past insurances
  • Creating an important insurance archive that identifies occurrence-based policies for future claims arising from past occurrences
  • Reviewing insurance histories for hidden or latent gaps that could create uninsured liabilities
  • Evaluating tail costs for Claims Made policies that will be needed due to the acquisition
  • Reviewing loss experience with actuarial acuity (where needed) and understanding rating programs in order to forecast outstanding liabilities
  • Identifying potential conflicts in Employee Handbooks, procedural policies or safety information
  • Assisting counsel in reviewing acquisition agreement language to assure that your interests and intents are implemented
  • Providing timely and concise management reports for your consideration so that negotiations can proceed fairly

As part of our services for our current clients, and on an ad hoc basis for prospective clients seeking an objective perspective, Gallagher McIntyre can assist you in gaining greater confidence over the cost, terms and timing of an acquisition.

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