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Executives today know that they must challenge boundaries to grow their business. Approaching new markets should never be hindered by limited access to insurance, nor should the assessment and treatment of risks in foreign jurisdictions be left to chance with an unknown service provider.

Your global insurance requires an intensity of focus that produces a comprehensive approach to risk management and insurance placements. Managing international variables with trusted partners is not only ideal, it is essential. The Gallagher McIntyre team spearheads that effort. We work as a single point of contact for your global insurance needs while partnering with an expansive network of international brokers who share our dedication to service.

Gallagher McIntyre’s consistent approach to global insurance is needs-based; that is, designed and implemented for each client based on coverage requirements (to include local placements). Our international broker partner relationships are fostered and based on the prospect of successful gain sharing, rather than necessity. As a result, there are significant improvements in responsiveness and a sense of continuity in an ever-changing global business climate.

Our expertise extends to five continents and includes unique experience and competence in Middle East operations. We have resources to quickly address emerging issues within our organization and reduce redundancy in our service models. We understand that the cultural calendar, time zones and protocols we enjoy in the U.S. are not always convenient to our global clients. So when it is important to our clients we make ourselves available at any time. Although we travel to all parts of the world to assist our clients in managing global risks, our offices are fully equipped to provide first class state-of-the-art video conferencing. That service is available to our international clientele as a convenience and is a substantial cost saver.

The nuances of global risk management and insurance programs are many, but no matter when or where the need arises, what your company needs is consistency of coverage, control of costs and responsive service.

“My account executive is one of the best service people I have ever worked with and he stands above the rest in the service industry.”

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