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Billing Errors & Omissions Insurance Program for Physicians and Healthcare Institutions

The current crisis in healthcare insurance and litigation is approaching an all-time high level within the healthcare community and the general public. Our country’s healthcare facilities, both large and small, are enduring a similar insurance crisis as physicians are prevalent targets of medical malpractice and billing errors and omissions litigation. Compliance enforcement is here to stay and the pressure will only increase. For a physician or hospital, defense against a government compliance case can take years and cost millions.

Gallagher McIntyre principals have been intimately involved in providing insurance solutions for this healthcare crisis for almost two decades. Working with one of the world’s largest carriers, Gallagher McIntyre administers a unique Billing Errors & Omissions Program for Physician Groups and Healthcare Institutions.

The program highlights are as follows:

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective coverage for Medicare/Medicaid Billing Errors and Omissions
  • Coverage includes claims made by Federal, State, or Local Governments or sought by Commercial Payors
  • Covers civil fines and penalties
  • Legal defense and audit costs covered
  • Limits available from $1 million to $25 million
  • Provides coverage for partners, members, directors, officers, stockholders, trustees, review boards or committees, and current or former employees
  • Coverage expressly provided for “False Claims Act” claims (no exclusion for deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard)
  • Fraud exclusion is modified to include coverage for costs until “Final Adjudication”
  • Coverage applies to “Qui-Tam” claims
  • Offers ability to decide if and when to settle
  • Retroactive coverage available
  • Panel of attorneys, compliance specialists, and accountants that are experts in compliance
  • 12-month premium financing makes the program easily affordable

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