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Our Loss Prevention Mission

Gallagher McIntyre is committed to reducing the cost of risk for all our clients. Our mission is to maximize all available risk management services wherever possible. We believe that employing sound Loss Prevention techniques in partnership with our carriers is a highly effective risk control strategy that reduces frequency and severity of claims and protects human capital.

Loss Prevention Partnerships with Carriers

Although mandatory for certain coverages and in certain states, our Loss Prevention carrier partners generally offer basic Loss Prevention programs to our policyholders looking for enhanced services. In certain specialty areas, we may recommend a carrier for its specific Loss Prevention expertise in a given industry.

Additional Loss Prevention Services

Gallagher McIntyre also provides various add-on Loss Prevention services for clients seeking a more customized and/or in-depth program. A sampling of these services includes:

  • Action Plans. Gallagher McIntyre encourages the development of a formalized written Loss Prevention program with an action plan that ensures compliance and holds employees accountable for policy development. The plan tracks commitments made, assists our clients in implementing changes and/or new policies and procedures within acceptable timelines, sets forth an employee training schedule and establishes measurable guidelines.
  • Loss Analysis/ROI Modeling. Our team can assist in measuring the cost and the results produced over time through loss analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) modeling. This ROI modeling is a cost benefit evaluation and payback period projection for larger investments considered by our clients.
  • On-Site Visits. Our staff will accompany insurer loss control representatives during visits and tours to facilitate clear communication between the insurer and the client with a focus on documentation or translation of complex recommendations. Our team can review and recommend alternative solutions that may be more effective over the long term.
  • Safety Service and Training. Gallagher McIntyre will oversee and coordinate customized safety service and training programs. We will attend safety meetings with our clients and coordinate participation by our carrier partners as needed.

We can provide valuable information on many Loss Prevention topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Fleet Safety/Defensive Driving
  • Drug & Alcohol Policies & Procedures
  • Motor Vehicle Record Reviews – Resources, Policies & Procedures
  • OSHA Regulations & Training
  • DOT Regulations & Training
  • Preparing for a Loss Prevention Visit
  • Establishing a Safety Committee
  • Tailgate/Tool Box Talks
  • Risk Management & Safety Newsletters
  • Creating a Safety Manual
  • Establishing an Employer Handbook
  • Return-to-Work Programs

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