Bond Systems

Electronic bidding is a growing method to provide bid bonds to federal and state agencies, as well as municipalities. To service this need we utilize Surety2000, a web-based software system designed in collaboration with major U.S. insurance companies. Through Surety2000’s Bond Management System, we are able to provide reliable, timely and validated electronic surety documents to the owner/obligee.

Surety2000 allows us to:

  • Issue bonds instantly, providing state-of-the-art service to our clients, while decreasing delivery costs and eliminating clerical errors
  • Ensure our clients receive fast and reliable documents
  • Ensure that the owner/obligee receives surety bonds that are free of clerical errors, paperless and protected from fraud

Surety2000 has developed strategic relationships with “on-line bidding systems.” In addition, governmental agencies continue to install on-line bidding systems from various software companies. Surety2000 is available to be electronically integrated with all of these systems.