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Our Surety Service Team is comprised of a number of financial and insurance professionals including CPAs, MBAs and others with or pursuing similar certifications. Our previous hands-on experience with working on the preparation of financial statements provides us with the necessary knowledge to identify and itemize the key elements used by underwriters to evaluate a company’s financial strength. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work closely with our clients to improve their bond program to meet future needs.

We work closely with surety underwriters to ensure they fully understand all aspects of our client’s operations and financial history. Additionally, we believe it is imperative to communicate with underwriters not only the history and current status of our client’s operations but, equally as important, their future direction and detailed plan to reach their goals. With the help of our clients, we prepare a detailed surety underwriting submission that outlines pertinent aspects of their financial position and operations. This includes not only what they do operationally, but also what they don’t do. We believe in presenting our client’s position honestly in the best light possible and then working closely with them and the underwriters in the event their condition changes.

As our client’s surety needs grow and evolve, we constantly monitor the market and work to improve their surety program to meet their changing needs. Quite often, a back-up surety is put in place to ensure their needs will be met in the event the surety company’s appetite for risk changes.

“Our Client Specialist assisted us with a late last minute need.  I appreciate the extra time and effort he expended to help us out. As always, your team never fails to impress. Thanks for your continued support!”

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